My name is Stine van Wynsberghe.

I was born in 1939 in Germany and live now in Ystad, Sweden.

In 1958 I was admitted to the art school Staedelschule (Staatliche Hochschule für bildende Künste) in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, as a student to professor Ferdinand Lammeyer in the class for free painting. Thereafter, I painted mostly in tempera, the technique which I learned at the art school. But already in 1960 I started working with textile (fabric) applications and some years later I went completely over to this material and art form. And in over 40 years I have developed my own special textile application technique. In autumn 1959 I moved to Sweden. Then I had exhibitions i.a. at Sydkraft and Södra Teatern in Malmö. Later followed exhibitions at the gallery Ny in Malmö and the gallery Sylvan in Gothenburg and Båstad. The Savoy Hotel in Malmö bought several pictures for hanging in the guest rooms.

In 1973 I moved to Divonne-les-Bains in France, which is situated near the Swiss frontier.

At that time I started using my name ”Stine” as my artist name. During 15 years I could completely devote myself working with my textile applications (in France wrongly called patchworks). They became very successful and I got more and more invitations to exhibit. As the area around Geneva is very international, my pictures were quickly spread over the whole world. In 1977 the Swiss television made a film about me and my art from my separate exhibition at ”Le Lignon” Foyer Communautaire in Geneva. In 1983 the city of Geneva bought some pictures for official decoration, i.a. for the Cantonal Architect’s Office. In 1984 the director of Ecole des Beaux Art in Antwerp, Belgium, professor Gaudean invited me to teach my special textile technique at the art school in Antwerp. For some years I also had pictures for rent at the art bibliotheque in Maison de la Culture in Grenoble, France. In addition to textile applications I work with objects in papier-maché and I like painting on wooden objects that I find. I take delight with words and languages and for that reason I often complete my pictures and objects with text. The appearance of the ready object is not predetermined.

My intention is focused upon that the result must become amusing and hopefully somewhat audacious and surprising.

The result amazes me as much as I hope it will surprise the onlooker.